My name is Mark, 36 years old, married and 2 kids. I live in Austria, so my native language is german.

I started my YouTube channel on 1st April 2020. My first few videos i made had the topic “retro games”. I tried to show off good or less good classic games and some off them i haven’t played before. That’s the reason why i changed my old playernickname to my current one.

But why MarkJFox? Before i started my youtube channel i thinked about possible topics and the visuals of the videos. My first impression was based on “Back to the future”. I would travel with my timemaschine back in time to play these old games. Also the old green logo was based on this idea.

Months later i startet my streaming carrer on twich. I started to play the remastered version of one of my favourite childhood games: Command&Conquer Red Alert. I also started to connect to the small but very good community. They helped me alot to improve my gameplay. Thx guys for that.

In january 2021 i got my affiliate status on twitch and i startet in april to host my first tournament….