Red Alert One Night Tournament
Start: Saturday 23rd October 2021 - 10 pm CEST | 9 pm London | 4 pm New York City | 1 pm L.A.


In the Brotherhood of Fox Discord Server in the channel #tournament-signup

Post your ingame playername and the game in following format:

<playername> - signup - <Tournament> (Example for this tournament: MarkJFox - signup - Masters

You must be signed up by Saturday 23rd October 2021 8pm CEST | 7 pm London | 2pm NYC | 11 am L.A.

Maximum Players: 16

All players have to be in the twitch stream when the tournament starts. You get your opponent and maps there!


  1. Baghira
  2. Trailblazer_CnC
  3. the_smaur
  4. Sheriff AA
  5. DiegoAK47s
  6. SpencerJohn
  7. Zero_hit
  8. ArmhairGeneral
  9. Psybin
  10. raw_steel


All matches will be played with the Quickmatch settings of Red Alert Remastered. The host have to set the following settings:

  • No toxic or hate speech in match or in the twitch chat
  • Fairplay
  • No Buildings in out of reach positions
  • No Stream Snipping
  • No Cheats or software manipulation allowed
  • Any faction is allowed including "random"



All pairs of EVERY ROUND will be picked randomly and the opponent cannot be changed. Also the maps get picked by random. The actual playing pairs and the map will be shown in the stream overlay. It is recommend to download all maps before the tournament starts to prevent time wasting.


The first player from the pair have to host the match with the first map. The second player hosts the second match with the second map. When necessary, the first player hosts the last match with the third map.

The players should not preselect a spawn point. This should be done randomly by the game.


  • T-Dawg by NN Ore (1vs1) Remastered
  • RAP Lake Mizu
  • Forrest Rush
  • RAP Hateful Eight (1vs1)
  • RAP Path in Between (1vs1)
  • rap_Gold Zone Rampage 1vs1
  • RAP Super8 (1vs1)
  • Pico 1vs1
  • RAP Long Game

All maps are available in the ingame Steam Workshop.

Origin Users: pleas drop me a message, i will upload them here.


  • 1st Place - 50$
  • 2nd Place - 20$
  • 3rd Place - 10$

Prizes will be paid via Paypal from MarkJFox.

Discord -> MarkJFox#2698
or directly in this discord in the channel #tournament-talk