Red Alert One Night 2vs2 Tournament
Start: Saturday 26th March 2022 - 10.30 pm Berlin | 9.30 pm London | 4.30 pm New York City | 1.30 pm L.A.

Special Thanks to Scarwen for supporting the tournament with a donation for the prize pool!


In the Brotherhood of Fox Discord Server in the channel #tournament-signup

Post your ingame playernames in the channel followed by the word signup, your country and posting a profile picture. If u haven't post a profile picture, i will choose one from your discord, twitch or from your profile page.

<playernames> - signup (Example for this tournament: MarkJFox - Austria - signup)

The Teams will be created based on the Ranking in Season 7 to prevent OP Teams.

If u are ranked below 200, please send me an ingame screen from your season 7 rank, because there is no way for me to find your informations. (The website only shows the top 200 players)

If u are unranked in season 7, then i will check your stats from other seasons or try to do some research to get a feeling about your level.


I need the profile picture and your season data for the stream overlay. I will not do any strange things with it.

Maximum Players: 32


All players have to be in the twitch stream when the tournament starts. You get your opponent and maps there!


  1. Send-it-Emmett
  2. Sensei_Wally
  3. Baghira
  4. TTV-Slumps2K
  5. ArmhairGeneral
  7. Preu├čens Gloria
  8. inteLLo
  9. Trailblazer_CnC
  10. mattchew
  11. Brown_Puddle



All matches will be played with the Quickmatch settings of Red Alert Remastered. The host have to set the following settings:

  • No toxic or hate speech in match or in the twitch chat
  • Fairplay
  • No Buildings in out of reach positions
  • No Stream Snipping
  • No Cheats or software manipulation allowed
  • Any faction is allowed including "random"
  • The teammates can use teamspeak, discord or any other way to communicate to each other during their match.
  • LIGHT TANKS are not allowed!
  • Capture any buildings from your teammate is not allowed.
  • Don't ATTACK your TEAMMATE!
  • SPECIAL RULE #1: It's not allowed to change your ingame name during the tournament
  • SPECIAL RULE #2: It's not allowed to play against other players which are not signed in in the tournament


The opponent team will picked by random and can't be changed. Also the maps get picked by random. The actual playing teams and the map will be shown in the stream overlay. It is recommend to download all maps before the tournament starts to prevent time wasting.


A player of the first team have to be the host. The second team picks up the spawn points first. It is recommend that all players are selecting a spawn point to prevent spawning in a wrong spot. On maps with more than 4 spawns, the players have to choose the predefined spawns from this site. They are viewable in the section "Mappool"

The host will alternate after each match is completed. (Only in semi finals and finals)


  • First rounds - Best of 1
  • Semi finals - Best of 3
  • Finals - Best of 5


  • rap_Gold Zone Rampage
  • RAP Royal Rush (2vs2)
  • RAP Super8 Islands (6 Players)
  • Tournament Valley 2v2 - Scarwen
  • Caucasus Frozen Over (2 - 4 Players VE 2.1)
  • Tight Budget
  • The Colosseum
  • T-Dawg by NN Ore (2vs2) Remastered
  • Pico 2vs2


All maps are available in the ingame Steam Workshop.


  • 1st Place - 60$ for the team
  • 2nd Place - 40$ for the team
  • Random Team - 40$ for the team

Prizes will be paid via Paypal from MarkJFox. (to prevent Paypal fees for the winners, the money will be send in your local currency. )

Discord -> MarkJFox#2698
or directly in this discord in the channel #tournament-talk