• Last Man Standing Tournament

    flyer Kopie


    Tournament will be double elimination. Loser bracket games will be played concurrently with the winner bracket games.

    Rounds will be best of 3 with the winner bracket semifinals and finals best of 5. If the winner of the loser bracket wins the first best of 5 in the final another best of 5 will be played to determine winner.

    Depending on amount of players the first round will likely played simultaneously to save time.

    Seeding will be determined by random draw from pools. Pools to be decided by tournament moderator.

    The higher seed will host games 1, 3 and 5 and the lower seed will host games 2 and 4.

    Participants outside Europe/Americas will not be allowed to host games and the opponnent will host all games of the series regardless of seed. If both players of a series are from outside of Europe/Americas normal hosting rules will apply.

    Spawns will be random.

    Maps will be randomized from the map pool and announced by MarkJFox for each series.




    Faction Choice – Faction must be chosen before tournament begins. Player’s faction cannot change during tournament. Random is not allowed.

    No Light Tanks – If light tanks are built by accident tournament moderator will decide if match result is accepted, replayed or forfeited.

    Game Settings – Same game settings as standard quickmatch except Destroy All will be used in place of Destroy Structures.

    • Mode: Bases On – Destroy All
    • Game Speed: Fast
    • Tech Level: 10
    • Starting Units: None
    • Credits: 10,000
    • Ore Regrows: 3
    • Shroud Regrows: No
    • Modern Balance: Yes
    • Unit Queuing: Yes
    • Crates: No
    • Redeployable MCV: No
    • Super Weapons: Yes
    • Aftermath Units: No


    Random Spawns – No choosing spawn.

    Buildings In Unreachable Areas – Buildings cannot be placed in areas unreachable by medium and heavy tanks.

    Hiding Units – Units cannot be hidden around the map to delay the end of a game.

    Tie Scenarios – If players only have ore trucks remaining the match will be replayed.

    Disputes – Any disputes will be decided by tournament moderator and any decisions are final.

    Name Changes – It is not allowed to change the ingame name during the tournament.

    Cheating – Use of any scripts, repair hacks or other 3rd party cheating tools is not allowed.

    Chat – No hate speech, racism or political talk in game and/or twitch chat is allowed.

    Map Pool:

    • Carnage Hill


    • Bullseye Remade 1v1

    • Crossroads Skirmish

    • Diamont Forest

    • Thunderdome

    • Tournament Valley 1v1

    • T-Dawg Remastered 1v1

    • Ribbon 1v1

    • RAP Lake Mizu

    • Gladiator’s Republic (1 v 1 – Tournament Edit)

    • Clover Lake

    Prize Pool:

    1st place – $200

    2nd place – $100

    3rd place – $50

    4th place – $25

    2 random players – $25


    All prizes will be payed out as Steam Gift cards by Scarwen through the Steam Friend Network!